Happy new year!

2014! And with that there will be a break this week, expect a new post the following week.


Hello and Welcome to Delta Data!

My name is Nikola Peric, thank you for joining me. I am fascinated by big data, statistics, and machine learning. Over the course of 2013 I created a fairly accurate predictive modeling system for tennis (well several to be honest, a neural net, an Elo system, and a Glicko2 system). That being said, I am still very much learning all the time, trying to improve my intuition in data analysis.

The purpose of Delta Data is to provide a record of my learning experience that may be useful to other individuals. There will be some heavy math and statistics here and there, but, ideally, even if there are equations splurged everywhere I would like to explain the summary in easy to comprehend form, for those who may be interested. Sections with advanced math or coding will be labeled as such so you can feel free to skip them if you so wish. (more…)